Producer / Blanca Flor Cordova
Region / Ignacio, Cajamarca
Altitude / 1700-1950m
Varieties / Geisha
Process / 72hrs Anaerobic Natural
Harvest / Jul 2023 to Oct 2023
Note / Orange Blossom, Pineapple, Nectarine
Weight / 150g


Finca La Bola is a woman-run, COE-winning farm in Peru that brings pride to the Tabaconas district in San Ignacio. In Peru, the role of women in coffee – and as heads of the family – is not taken lightly, and Doña Blanca and her daughters are testaments to the success that comes with their perseverance and empowerment. 

At 1,700-1,950masl, Finca La Bola is an estate where geisha and other high-value varieties can shine. Doña Blanca keeps a close eye on the quality of her coffee, and educates her daughters so they can continue her legacy with the opportunities and prosperities that coffee can provide them. 

This natural anaerobic geisha was sourced in partnership with @khipucoffee and @experimental_pe . The cherries were fermented for 72 hours, pulped, and dried in a solar dryer for 25-30 days. 

Photo credit@experimental_pe