Our Story

Our craftsmanship is defined by quality that begins with consistency, transparency and sustainability. As roasters and baristas, we have the unique opportunity to bring you on a coffee journey that not only explores diverse flavors and experiences, but also connects you with the awe-inspiring efforts of coffee producers who cultivate their craft with as much expertise as we do.

Since 2013, we’ve been proud to present so many exceptional coffees, each with a story of their own. Our close relationships with coffee producers around the world are strengthened by annual trips to Ethiopia, Bolivia and beyond. This allows us to understand the different practices in growing, picking, harvesting, and processing local coffee, and how that influences what you taste in each batch of beans. 

Sourcing green coffee is not just about sorting beans based on quality, uniqueness and sustainability – for us it’s also about engaging in a feedback exchange with our producing partners. This includes sharing innovative ideas to improve coffee quality that in turn improves the economic sustainability of the farm and the surrounding communities’ livelihoods. By applying social responsibility to our practices, we add value to your daily cup of coffee that benefits everyone, everywhere. 

We not only owe our great coffee to the success of agriculture – it’s the basis for our civilization. Transparency is the key to giving our producing partners credit for their hard work and that’s why our beans are accompanied by the stories of the people who cultivated them for years before they even reach our roastery. 

Local roasting right here in Hong Kong is how we apply our expertise to fully develop the terroir of the coffee. Beans are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse, roasted with precise monitoring software, and machine-sorted by color to maximize the stability of each batch. Through meticulous coffee cupping, we test each roast to make sure it meets our standards and highlights the quality of the beans that were grown with care at origin farms. 

For founder Lok Chan and the team at Craft Coffee Roaster, it’s about more than the perfect cup of coffee. Our expertise includes understanding coffee from the ground up, from seed to cup, and taking craftsmanship beyond the brew to connect every step in the journey for you.


World Cup Tasters Championship 2017 – 1st place Lok Chan

Hong Kong Brewers Cup Champion 2019 – 1st place Chris Kwong

Hong Kong Cup Tasters Champion 2016 – 1st place Lok Chan

Hong Kong Cup Tasters Champion 2015 – 1st place Chris Kwong