Producer / Rodriguez Family
Region / Samaipata, Santa Cruz
Altitude / 1710m
Varieties / Geisha
Process / Coco Natural
Harvest / Jul 2023 to Oct 2023
Note / Orange Blossom, Tangerine, Yellow Peach
Weight / 150g


We just secured this Bolivia Geisha via auction from Floripondio, a farm by the Rodriguez family at 1,710masl in Samaipata. Although this region isn’t particularly known for coffee production, the Rodriguez family found the tropical microclimate, with its high humidity and distinct soil profile, ideal for planting over 50 varieties of coffee.

This Geisha lot was processed with Coco-Natural, a drying method that using a cocoa drying machine which drying the coffee cherry with a low temperature air flow, which result a very consistent and clean natural profile.