Roasting Date_01/07/2019    Weight / 100g*2

Producer / Marie Jackie Mercer Vallarino
Region / Volcan, Chiriqui
Altitude / 1500 - 1600m
Varieties / Gesha
Process / Natural & Anaerobic (120hrs) Slow Dry
Harvest / Nov 2019 to Feb 2020


Still remember the extraordinary aroma of Los Cantares Estate Gesha from last year? This year we have purchase another two Gesha from Marie Jackie, a Natural Processed and a Anaerobic Slow-dry experimental lot.

To process the Anaerobic Slow Dry Gesha, washed and sorted Gesha cherry was soaked in a sealed fermentation tank with a special one-way valve and filled with water for 120hrs, then washed again to stop the fermentation process and slow-dry for 30 days on a shaded rise bed. And result? A complex taste profile which combine the classic Gesha floral, tropical fruit and hints of wineyness.

 Craftsman boxset include

- Cantar Dorado Ruiseñor , Gesha Natural 100g
- Cantares Sonnet, Gesha Anaerobic Slow-dry 100g

 Story of Los Cantares Estate

Los Cantares Estate was originally established in 1929 . It was one of the first coffee producing and exporting farms in the Volcan region of the Chiriqui Province in Panama. It is located in the vicinity of the Volcan Baru National Park. Within the first 200 meters of the estate property runs the Chiriqui Viejo river, which separates the farm on one side from the mainland. This river separation and the 20 hectares of primary forest that surround the plantation, allow for a very special micro climate within the farm.

This 50 hectares coffee estate is currently managed by its owner Marie Jackie Mercer Vallarino, and has been exporting coffee internationally for over 20 years. Since 2012, Los Cantares had a great successes on the Best of Panama after the first harvest of their Geisha and the introduction to the competition. 



I Place

Geisha Washed

Cantar Don Tito



V Place

Geisha Natural

Cantar Dorado Ruiseñor



II Place

Geisha Washed

Cantar Don Tito



III Place

Caturra Natural

Reyna Mora


Photo Credit@loscantaresestate