Producer / Rodriguez Family
Region / Bolinda, Caranavi
Altitude / 1550m
Varieties / Caturra
Process / Coco-Natural
Harvest / Jul 2023 to Oct 2023
Note / Pomegranate, Figs, Black Tea
Weight / 200g

La Linda is first coffee farm of the Rodriguez family's Agricafe project. Agricafe started the project in 2012 as response to the sharply declining rates coffee production in the area and to demonstrate to local farmers what can be achieved with modern farming techniques and a scientific approach.

The farm was started in 2014, which planted Caturra, Java and Geisha. It is named by the beautiful view of the Bolinda mountain. With the high altitude and mild temperature, coffee cherry are benefited from the longer maturation time which allows the cherry to develop higher concentration of sugar.