Next Roasting Date _02/08/2021    Weight / 200g
Producer / Kiamaratia Farmers co-operative society
Region /
Altitude / 1900m
Varieties /  
SL28, SL34, K7, Ruiru 11& Batian
Process / Washed
Crop Year / Oct 2020 - Jan 2021

Notes / Blackcurrant, Sugar Cane, Grapefruit

The Gichuka factory located in Gatundu Kiambu county which is in east or rift valley Kenya that lies on the foothills of Aberdare ranges and neighbouring of the Nairobi County. The factory is one of the 3 factories (Gachika, Gitare & Gichuka) owned by Kiamaratia Farmers co-operative society with active 2500 small holder,  with an estimated annual production of 70,153kg under 511 hectares of farming area.

All of the coffee cherry was hand-picked by the farmers. Then every bags of cherry was carefully inspected by "Cherry Clerk", to make sure every cherry is ripped or damaged.  Any unqualified cherry will bring back by the farmers to sun dried in the backyard and qraded as "

Mbuni", a low quality coffee which sell as the lowest price coffee in the market.