Producer / Dawit & Hester Syoum-Westerveld
Region / Dara Otilicho, Sidama
Processing Station / Taferi Kela Station
Altitude / 1980-2100m
Varieties / Enat Buna, JARC 74112 + 74158

Process / Honey Process
Crop Year /  Nov 2023 - Dec 2023

Notes / Chamomile, Pomelo, Sencha
Weight / 200g

Bette Buna is an Ethiopian family farm headed by Hester and Dawit Syoum in Sidama. On their two-hectare farm, Taferi Kela, Hester and Dawit founded Bette Buna in 2019 to help people in their community by empowering entrepreneurship and helping them build sustainable futures. 

Bette Buna means ‘House of Coffee’ and Hester and Dawit are building exactly that – a home where people can develop safely and happily in the opportunities they provide. They are fueled by collaboration, not competition, and offer free seedlings, education, and price premiums to the farmers around them to uplift their potential. 

Bette Buna’s farm, Taferi Kela, began with two hectares of fertile land at 1980-2100masl. Today, it has grown to 20 hectares through an initiative to purchase surrounding plots from their neighbors and family members while bringing them on as Bette Buna employees. When Hester and Dawit purchased their land, they also committed to paying the original owners any profit generated from the land for the next two years. Their final target is to grow Taferi Kela to 50 hectares and build a coffee nursery to hold hundreds of thousands of seedlings that can be distributed to farmers in the wider community.  We truly admire their sustainable business approach and the incredible work they do to ensure the financial security of the people around them.