Producer / Tamiru Tadesse Tessma
Region / Bensa, Sidama
Washing Station / Bona Washing Station
Altitude / 2250m+
Varieties / 74110

Process / Natural (Underscreen)
Crop Year /  Oct 2022 - Jan 2023

Notes / Blood Orange, Berries Jam, Melon
Weight / 200g

Ethiopia COE 2021 Winner Tamiru Tadesse start his exporting company Alo Coffee in 2020. After he worked in coffee industry for eights year, he decided to go further and start his processing station in his home town Bensa in Sidama region, which well known for it higher altitude and special micro climate.  

This Natural 74110 from Bona Washing Station was sorted to under-screen, which only higher density coffee was collected that brings out the intensive fruitiness to the cup.