Producer / Ivan Solis
Region /  Santa Maria de Dota,  Tarrazu
Altitude / 1900m
Varieties / Geisha
Process / Red Honey
Harvest / Nov 2022 to Jan 2023
Note /  Orchid, Red Fruit, Brown Sugar
Weight / 200g

Ivan Solis first working in the coffee industry at the early age of 15 years old.  At this age, he was eager to work and improve his situation, and although this first contact was not as romantic as for many, he was given the opportunity to carry coffee sacks around the warehouse, and feed the drying machine with wood from Coopedota, the second biggest cooperative in Costa Rica at that moment.

Then his passion and hard work was soon spotted by the director manager of the time who gave him more and more responsibilities, until Ivan reached the position of quality and production manager in this very influential cooperative.

As the times changed, and the specialty culture became the only solution for coffee growing families, Don Ivan decided to undertake a new challenge and in 2019 and he managed to open his own Micro-Mill, "Sagaz". Today, with his abundant knowledge, and family's support, he is adding value to his community by processing high end coffee from his farms and from his neighbours' farms in the area of Santa Maria de Dota.

 Photo credit@cafesolisycordero