Producer / Kibugu Farmer's Cooperative
Region / Kibugu, Embu
Altitude / 1600m
Varieties / SL34, SL28
Process / Washed
Harvest / Sep 2022 to Dec 2022
Note /  Hibiscus Tea, Black Berry, Kiwi
Weight / 200g

Kathakwa processing factory situated at Kibugu region, Nginda sub-location in Embu County. They are part of the Kibugu Farmer’s Cooperative Society, which started in 1964 and currently have around 1,100 members.

Kathakwa Factory sits on the slopes of Mount Kenya in the Manyatta division of the Embu County, with the rich volcanic soil, an annual rainfall of almost 1,500m, and the abundance of SL 28 and SL 34 varieties all lend immense quality to the production of coffee in this specific area.