Next Roasting Date _05/10/2020    Weight / 200g
Producer / Kingsley Griffin
Region / Southwest Uganda
Washing Station / Kingha Estate
Altitude / 1450m
Varieties / SL-14, SL-28, SL-34
Process / 72hr fermentation & Washed
Crop Year / 2019-2020

Notes / Sweet Date, Plum, Black Tea

Kingha Estate is located in a pretty remote area in the south west, about 10 hours drive from Kampala. It is a farm currently being planted aiming at soon having about 12 hectares planted with coffee, SL 28 variety only. It also operates as a washing station for small scale farmers (outgrowers) in the area. There are a lot of smallholders there, but hardly any companies are investing in the value chain or doing quality. It's next to national parks for both Gorillas, and other game. The coffee from the farm itself is named Kingha Estate, the coffee from the outgrowers is called Kingha Collective.

Kingsley Griffin, the owner of Kingha Estate, originally from Canada was a school teacher that decided to start with a coffee farm in Uganda after a Gorilla hike in the area. He bought a piece of land and figured it would be easy, but quickly realized coffee farming and processing is more complicated than what it seems. Now, after some years he's totally on top of things and is only focusing on quality. Besides producing coffees from he's own farm he is also working with some carefully selected outgrowers in the region.They have also accessed grants for a water power solution to provide electricity to local schools and a church.

This coffee is part of a new project with Kingha Estates outgrowers. Kingsley is committed to working with local farmers to improve their income, and believes different processing protocols have the potential to increase quality. 

This coffee has been floated in cherry, pulped by a Penagos Eco-Pulper, bypassing the demucilager so some mucilage remained, then fermented in a tank for 72 hours before it is washed, and then dried carefully on raised tables, partially under shade and cover from the rain.

“Injura'' is the name for rain in a local Ugandan dialect in Kinungu. It is a mix of SL varieties commonly planted and grown in the region. This coffee is a limited edition 14-bag experimental lot. The cherries were picked over a period of some weeks in November and December 2019, from farms located between 1500 - 2000 masl. Cherries are bought and transported to Kingha for pulping, fermentation and drying. The Kingha coffees are mainly washed, but undergo different fermentation methods.


Photo credit@Nordic Approach