Producer / Jose Uribe Lasso
Region / Pitalito, Huila
Altitude / 1780m
Varieties / Sidra
Process / Double Fermentation 60hrs, Natural
Drying / Mechanical Dryer 18hrs + Sun Dry 7 days
Harvest / Oct 2021 to Feb 2022
Note /  Peach, Strawberry, Red Wine
Weight / 200g


Jose Uribe Lasso purchased Finca El Diviso in the early 2000s when he moved from Nariño to escape the violence there. For Jose Uribe, Huila was a fortuitous new beginning. The land is so fertile, he says, that anyone with the will to work can overcome poverty by cultivating coffee or other crops in Huila’s nutrient-rich soil.

Today, Jose Uribe and his 3 sons cultivate coffee at Finca El Diviso. One of his sons, Adrien, is also taking QC trainings at SENA, the national learning service, so he can evaluate their coffees and help with quality improvement.

Jose Uribe has designated a plot for each of his sons where they decide which varieties to plant and determine the best way to cultivate coffee. In addition to the Caturra in this lot, Jose Uribe and his sons also cultivate Geisha, Pink Bourbon and Bourbon Sidra.

They are constantly innovating and improving their methods. They have been perfecting their fermentation process since 2018, when one of his sons attended a workshop about using lactobacillus microorganisms to control fermentation. This process creates a delicate, floral profile.

Photo credit @villaclaracafe