Producer / João Newton Reis Teixeira
Region / Santo Antonio do Amparo, Minas Gerais
Altitude / 1100m
Varieties / Geisha
Process / Natural
Harvest / May 2022 to Sep 2022
Note /  Floral, Yellow Peach, Chocolate Wafer
Weight / 200g


This natural geisha by João Newton Reis Teixeira in Fazenda Pinhal came in first place in the 2022 auction from @sancoffee.br . You can look forward to floral, yellow peach, and chocolate wafer flavors in this noteworthy coffee from Brazil.

In 2019, Fazenda Pinhal was selected as the most sustainable farm in Brazil and commemorated with the 6th Sustainable Farm Award. Over 42% of the estate is preserved, and the 440+ hectares of coffee trees grow alongside forests of native trees. A portion of the land is also dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of wild animals.

The Teixeira family has been cultivating the land for six generations and has invested greatly into reducing resource consumption. João’s son, Pedro Gabarra, manages the farm today and carries on his father’s philosophy of linking sustainability with productivity. Their approach encompasses the entire ecosystem around Santo Antônio do Amparo in Minas Gerais.