Farmer / Chiari Family
Region / Jaramillo, Boquete
Altitude / 1600-2000m
Varieties / Gesha
Process / Washed
Harvest / Oct 2020 to Feb 2021
Note /  Jasmine, Lemon Tea, Stonefruit Weight / 150g

The reputation of Finca Lérida is as old as the first shipment of Panamanian coffee exported to Germany in it’s history, in 1929.

From its spectacular landscape sprang a coffee of such high quality, that soon the consumer countries of the aromatic coffee realized that Panama had other unique attractions, beyond the Canal. One of these was, and remains, Finca Lerida.

In 1924, engineer Toleff Bache Mönniche, along with his wife, moved to Finca Lerida. Here he built his house completely by hand in a Norwegian countryside style, and built the first Coffee Plantation by gravity in Panama.

In 1929, Finca Lerida exported to Germany its first shipment of Panamanian coffee, and this began Panama ́s high reputation as one of the exotic coffees of greater quality in Europe.

Finca Lerida is currently managed by the Chiari Family, who coordinates the appropriate growth process of coffee, protect the lush virgin forest that surrounds the property and offer a genuine stay for all visitors to the Boutique Hotel Finca Lerida that is located in the middle of the coffee plantation.

Photocredit @leridacoffeeesate