Next Roasting Date_16/10/2019    Weight / 150g
Producer / Pedro Rodriguez
Region / Caranavi
Washing Station / Buena Vista
Altitude / 1600 - 1650m
Varieties / Gesha
Process / Washed, wet fermentation with temperature control
Harvest / July 2018

Note / Jasmine, Bergamot, Mandarin Orange

Alasitas is one of the Rodriguez family's twelve coffee farms. Agricafe started the project in 2012 as response to the sharply declining rates of coffee production in the area and to demonstrate to local farmers what can be achieved with modern farming techniques and a scientific approach.

To keep the signature explosive floral and citrus character, Rodriguez family precisely control the ripened cherry brix level to 22% when picking, and process very carefully with environment & temperature control during the wet fermentation in the Buena Vista wet mill.