Next Roasting Date _18/10/2021    Weight / 200g
Producer / Kiamaratia Farmers co-operative society
Region /
Altitude / 1900m
Varieties /  
SL28, SL34, Batian
Process / Washed
Crop Year / Oct 2020 - Jan 2021

Notes / Blackberry, Red Apple, Sugarcane

Mwiria is the name of the washing station, or factory in Kenya. It's located in the Embu region in Kenya,owned by the Ngandori Coffee Farmers' Cooperative, along with two sister washing stations, Kiini and Karuriri.

There are around 1000 active farmers members who delivered their cherries to Mwiria, in between 1300-1900 masl.
Embu is one of Kenya's traditional coffee growing regions, sitting at the south eastern to Mount Kenya, the highest mountain in the country,

which gives its perfect condition for growing excellent coffee, red and nutrient- rich volcanic soil, high elevation and cool climate.

Once harvested, coffee cherries are delivered to the Mwiria Washing Station, and processed using a method called double fermentation or what we called Kenyan wash.

First, Ripe Red cherry is meticulously sorted to remove unripe and over-ripen cherries,
then cherries are de-pulped and immediately placed in the fermentation tanks with its mucilage coated, for 12 to 24 hours depending on the weather.
Then coffees are flushed from the fermentation tanks into water channels, that agitation rinse and remove the mucilage and the "Floaters".

After the coffee has been cleaned, then placed in the fermentation tank and soak for another 12 to 24 hours.
That extra soaking time removes the remaining mucilage and some say that because of this double fermentation process,

it gives Kenyan coffee an extra depth, crispy acidity and a clean and long finish.

This is a single lot from Mwiria that we purchased directly from our origin partner before they sent to the auction.
We found this lot has an outstanding quality with notes of Black Currant, Grape Candy and an in-depth sweetness that really impressed us on the cupping table.