Next Roasting Date _18/03/2020    Weight / 200g
Producer / Biniyam Aklilu
Region / Bule Hora, Guji
Washing Station / Killenso Washing Station
Altitude / 2050-2200m
Varieties / Heirloom
Process / Honey Process
Crop Year / 2018-2019

Notes / Ginger Lily, Lemon, Oolong Tea

Sakicha is a lovely coffee producing region we discovered in Guji. 

This young producing region is located near the Bule Hora woredas (district) with a high altitude, from 2050 to 2200m. Due to the higher altitude and lower average temperature, the coffee cherry screen size is significantly smaller than the other region. And we believe that the smaller bean size with higher density is the reason why Sakicha are always outstanding on the sweetness and complexity on the cupping table.

After the small holder coffee farmers in Sakihca picked the coffee cherry, these cherry were transferred to the Killenso Washing Station owned by the Akiliu family to process and dry. To enhance the sweetness of the Sakicha cherry, producer using a short fermentation time, around 6hrs before pulping and drying on the raised bed with shading.

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