Producer / Adam Overton & Rachel Samuel
Region / Bench Maji
Altitude / 1900-2100m
Varieties / Gesha 1931
Process / Natural
Harvest / Oct 2020 to Jan 2021
Note /  Orange Blossom, Nectarine, Bergamot
Weight / 150g


Gesha Village Coffee Estate is located in the Bench-Maji zone, a remote area in the south-western part of Ethiopia, founded by Adam Overton and Rachel Samuel-Overton in 2011.  Adam & Rachel develop the passion to start the coffee farm when they making a documentary about Ethiopia's amazing coffee industry in 2007.

And during the expedition for the coffee farm land, they also discovered the Gesha 1931, a variety which closely resembles Panamanian Geisha, and the Gori Gesha which a heirloom variety that replicated the genetic diversity within the Gori Gesha Forest. And their seed are harvest, selected and planted in this new cultivated farm land.