Producer / Girma Sintayehu
Region / Kochere, Yirgacheffe
Washing Station / Deboya Washing Station
Altitude / 1900m
Varieties / Heirloom

Process / Washed
Crop Year /  Oct 2022 - Jan 2023

Notes / Elder Flower, Lemon, Oolong Tea
Weight / 200g

After years of hard work, Girma Sintayehu established his own small well mill in Biloya. He transformed the equipment that has been specialized in solar processing into a washing processing factory, fulfilling his dream of processing the coffee he grows by himself. He is one of the few farmers in the region to be able make the transition successfully, setting an good example for other farmers who shares the same dream.

Girma manages about 5 hectares of coffee farms in Debo and Biloya area in the Kochere region. Because of this, he named the coffee produced by the processing plant after the two places, Debo and Biloya, and called it Deboya.

Girma's farm is also planted by growing coffee trees together with food crops such as Enset and Tarro. His farm currently has 3 Ethiopian coffee tree species, Dega, Walichu and 74165.