Next Roasting Date _28/09/2020    Weight / 200g
Producer / Testi Coffee Exporters
Region / Bensa, Sidama
Washing Station / Testi Ayla Washing Station
Altitude / 1950-2000m
Varieties / 74110, 74118
Process / Natural
Crop Year / 2019-2020

Notes / Apricot, Tangerine, Blueberry


Test Ayla Washing Station is located in the Bensa woredas, Sidama Region, owned by the Test Coffee Exporters, with 800 active farmers member who deliver the cherries. Coffee in Bensa is harvested in November and December, and cherries are purchased and hand sorted at collection stations in the field. Cherries are then sorted and delivered to the station for processing each evening, where the fruit destined for natural processing is floated for density, rinsed, and then sent directly to raised beds to drip-dry before the morning sun. Naturals here take 15-21 days to fully dry weather-depending. Testi Ayla Station has won award (12th place) at the Cup of Excellence Ethiopia competition 2020.


Photo credit@Testi Coffee