Next Roasting Date_25/10/2021   Weight / 200g

Producer / Juan Pena
Region / Saraguro, Loja
Altitude / 2100m
Varieties / Typica
Process / Washed
Harvest / Apri 2020 to Oct 2020

Note /  Floral, Tangerine, Muscovado

The Hacienda La Papaya farm and estate is owned and operated by Juan Pena - one of the Ecuador's most famous specialty coffee producer. He and his coffee have won several international award including notable coffee producer presented by US specialty coffee media Sprudge and several Barista Championship in the global.

Juan grows several varieties on this his farm including Typica, Sidra, B7 and Geisha. And he is always actively engaged with many processing experiments. His farming is meticulous, scientific, curious , and giving. He provides neighbors and farm workers space in his nursery, along with seedling, so that they can develop plots of their own.

Photo credit@hacienda la papaya