Producer / Roger Urena Santa Teresa
Region /  Santa Maria de Dota,  Tarrazu
Altitude / 1950m
Varieties / ET(Ethiopia)-47
Process / Red Honey
Harvest / Dec 2022 to Mar 2023
Note /  White Flower, Nectarine, Oolong Tea
Weight / 200g

Roger Ureña Hidalgo, the onwer of Santa Teresa Mill is a 3rd generation farmers grow up in the Santa Maria de Dota Region. In 1987, Roger Ureña returned from New York and getting back into this family business to enlarge the coffee plantation, and also started his own processing mill Santa Teresa in 2015.

Roger Ureña planted several different varieties like: geisha, rume sudan, pacamara, Villalobos, Typica Mejorada, San Roque and catuai in his plantation, and go from 1900m to 2150m.

To saving the water, all coffees was processed by a demucilaging machine to remove the mucilage, then sun dry on the patios for 2-3 days, and moved to a greenhouse for a slow dry over 15–18 days.

 Photo credit@plantingcostarica