Roasting Date_05/05/2021   Weight / 150g

Producer / La Palma & El Tucan
Region / Cundinamarca
Altitude / 1740m
Varieties / Gesha
Process / Lactic ( 120 hrs Anaerobic fermentation )
Harvest / Apr -Aug 2020
Note /  Orange Blossom, Lychee, Tropical Fruit


Story of La Palma & El Tucan

La Palma & El Tucan is one of the pioneer & awards winning coffee farm which work on innovative processing in the region & global. Felipe Sardi and Elisa María Madriñan started the 18 hectares farm in Cundinamarca on 2012. The fourteen hectares in coffee production are separated into five plots: Typica, SL28, Sidra, Geisha and Java. This is the coffee that will become theLPET Estate and Varietals series, including Heroes Series nano-lots of 25kg.

Since the very beginning, the vision of the farm is producing highest quality coffee in the country by implementing finest processing & lab equipment, experimenting processing method and researching and organizing local coffee farmer community.

By the end of 2016, LPTE had set a new record for the highest price ever paid in Colombia for green coffee, won more than 15 regional and national championships and had their first shot at the WBC.

Lactic Process

This kind of fermentation is classified as ‘Anaerobic’ as oxygen has minimal interaction with the cherry. Once the cherries arrive at the mill, they are hand sorted and placed in sealed tanks for a period of 50 hours. This is the pre- fermentation phase. Next the cherries are pulped, and a second fermentation of 50 hours takes place again in sealed tanks. These tanks are filled only partly with water, allowing the mucilage from the cherries to form its own liquid, helping fill the tank. This helps the coffee develop body and complexity. By avoiding contact with oxygen, and controlling temperatures to an average of 16° celcius, we direct the bacteria to create a higher concentration of lactic acid, creating a unique profile of the resulting cup. The coffee is then sent to our raised beds to begin the drying process, which occurs over a period of 20 to 30 days.

Photo Credit@LP&TE