Producer / Mauricio Shatter
Region /   Ibague, Tolima
Altitude / 1800-2100m
Varieties / Yellow Geisha
Process / White Honey (Triple Stack)
Harvest / May 2023 to July 2023
Note /  Floral, Plum, Red Currant
Weight / 150g

Finca La Negrita is a lush estate in Tolima, Colombia that’s been optimized with surgical precision to produce world class coffee. Mauricio Shattah, a medical doctor by trade, takes meticulous care to treat every harvest with excellent attention to detail. At 1,700masl, he cultivates niche varieties including Moka, Laurina, Wush Wush, Pluma Hidalgo, and more. It’s not easy to coax successful harvests from these delicate plants, but with the effort Mauricio puts into his land, he takes it a step beyond success and to world renown quality.

 Photo credit@fincalanegrita