Next Roasting Date_02/08/2021   Weight / 200g

Farmer / Pablo Guerrero
Region / Tangua,Narino
Altitude / 2200m
Varieties / Caturra
Process / Anaerobic Fermentation + Natural
Harvest / 2020

Note /  Rum Raisin, Berry, Nougat Candy

Hacienda El Obraje was located in Tangua, Narino and owned by Pablo Guerrero. The farm El Obraje was originally planted other different crop like corns and tree fruit, but the business was not successful due to the post harvest preservation and transport, and switched to grow coffee in 2000.

And since 2009, after Pablo builded his first processing facility for El Obraje, he began on experimenting fermentation and processing techniques, which bring him to the specialty market. At the same time, he planted new variety like Geisha, and experimenting natural as well as wash process.

Due to a very high altitude of the farm in Tangua, temperature vary greatly in a day from over 30°C  to 8°C or less at night, and this drastic temperature fluctuations impact the density of the coffee beans, and also causes the trees to be more compact than trees of the same variety growing in other regions of Colombia.


Cup of Excellent Colombia 2021 #1 Winner 

Photo credit @cafeelobraje