Producer / Hafi Smallholder
Region / Muyinga
Altitude / 1715m
Varieties / Bourbon
Process / Natural
Harvest / Apr 2022 to July 2022
Note / Tea Rose, Pomegranate, Black Tea
Weight / 200g


We're always enthusiastic about sharing the potential of Burundi specialty coffee with you, and this auction lot from JNP coffee is a great example of the excellence that can come from this obscure origin.
Lot 23 is a Bourbon microlot from the hills of Muyinga, a remote area six hours from the capital – and that's only when the roads aren't washed out. The 72-hour anaerobic processing of this coffee was born out of necessity, simply because the nearest washing station is too far, but the result is a distinct jamminess that adds to a complex, multi-layered flavor profile that includes notes of Tea Rose and Pomegranate.


Photo credit@JNP Coffee