Next Roasting Date_16/10/2019    Weight / 150g

Producer / Daterra
Region / Cerrado, Minas Greais
Washing Station /  -
Altitude / 1200m
Varieties / Aramosa
Process / Honey Process + Anaerobic Fermentation
Harvest / July to Aug 2018
Note / White Flowers, Honey, White Grapes

Aramosa is not yet a commercially available coffee varietal – it’s a genetic material currently under development. It’s original from a crossing between Coffea Racemosa and Coffea Arabica, going through many selections to achieve the material in Daterra’s genetic bank.

Ciranda was processed with an innovative technique that combines honey process and anaerobic fermentation. This process, created in Daterra’s quality lab, brings new layers of sweetness and fruitiness to the Aramosa beans.