Next Roasting Date_16/10/2019    Weight / 200g
Producer / Pedro Rodriguez
Region / Samaipata, Santa Cruz
Washing Station / El Fuerte
Altitude / 1600-1700m
Varieties / Caturra
Process / Semi-washed, then dried with stationary dryers
Harvest / July 2018
Note /  Poached Apple, Hazelnut, Sweet Date, Muscovado


Floripondio is one of the recent farms Agricafe planted near Samaipata in Santa Cruz, where they've been experimenting with growing specialty coffee in a region not known for coffee production.

Floripondio gets its name from the Floripondio trees (commonly known as Angels's Trumpet in English) that are native to the area and grow on the farm. An d due to its higher altitude, a tropical microclimate characterised by high humidity and a distinct soil profile, Agricafe set Floripondio for experimenting with different coffee varieties. They have planted over 50 varieties at the farm and hope to discover which are best suited to the land and this particular latitude and altitude.