Next Roasting Date_30/09/2020   Weight / 200g

Producer / Pedro Rodriguez & Rodriguez Family
Farmer / Gregorio Paye Mamani
Region / Caranavi, Santa Cruz
Altitude / 1500m
Varieties / Caturra
Process / Washed
Harvest / Jul 2019 to Nov 2019

Note /  Stone Fruit, Muscovado, Roasted Pecan

Gregorio Paye's parents moved from a province called Munecas to the Caranvi area when he was a child in search of an education for Gregorio, as there as no school in their town.

Nowadays, he lives with this wife Daisy and his two youngest children on a farm he's owned for 35 years. He has two grown-up children from his first marriage that have families of their own, but the two little ones help out on the farm from time to time. His brother, Julio Paye, also has a coffee farm nearby. In his free time, Gregorio enjoys going on walks around town with his kids, swimming in the river, and playing football. As he hasn't had his first harvest yet, he currently drinks store bought Copacabana coffee.

Gregorio is a full-time coffee farmer; he doesn't have any other businesses. His farm has 12 hectares in total, 2 of which he currently growws coffee on. It's called Volcan del Tigre, which means Tiger's Volcanon. The farm used to be overgrown, wild vegetation, and peoples used to say they saw smoke coming from one of the hills, and thought it as a volcano.