Next Roasting Date_05/05/2021   Weight / 200g

Farmer / Pedro Rodriguez
Region / Bolinda, Caranavi
Altitude / 1650m
Varieties / Java
Process / Lactic Fermentation + Natural
Harvest / Aug 2020 to Nov 2020

Note / Tangerine, Dark Cherry, White Tea

Alasitas is one of the Rodriguez family's twelve coffee farms. Agricafe started the project in 2012 as response to the sharply declining rates coffee production in the area and to demonstrate to local farmers what can be achieved with modern farming techniques and a scientific approach.

The farm was planted in 2014. It is named after the Alasitas festival, which honours the Andean god of abundance and is celebrated in La Paz every year. The festival starts on the 24th of January, the same day as Pedro Pablo's birthday, Pedro Rodriguez's son, who also works at Agricafe along with his sister Daniela.

The name is fitting the farm is one of the largest the Rodriguez's own and was created wtih the vision of becoming a model farm local coffee growers could learn from, thus helping them realise the vast potential of their land and crops. 

Photo credit@agricafe