Next Roasting Date _23/02/2021    Weight / 200g
Producer / Mbillini Farmers Cooperatives Society
Region / Machakos
Altitude / 1400m
Varieties / SL 34, SL28
Process / Washed
Crop Year / 2019-2020

Notes / Rasberry, Chamomile, Grapefruit

Kikambuani Factory is located in Easthern part of Donyo Sabuk Region, Machakos Country, under the Mbillini Farmers Cooperatives Society.  The factory is located near the Aberdare ridges, containing rich volcanic soilwhich provides extremely fertile ground for growing coffee plants.

And by the help of the coffee union assciated by the smallholder farmers, Kikambuani factory is able to invest a huge size of rised drying bed which benefied the drying and proecssing quality which also show on the cupping table.

Photo credit@Villaclara Cafe