Producer / Biniyam Aklilu
Region / Hambela, Guji

Washing Station / Dimtu Washing Station
Altitude / 2050m
Varieties / 74110, 74112

Process / Natural
Crop Year / 2020-2021

Notes / Floral, Apricot, Blueberry
Weight / 200g


This natural processed coffee is from the Dimtu Washing station, Guji, owned by Biniyam Akiliu and his family. This is one of the latest washing station Akiliu family invested in Guji region. Some outstanding coffee was produced in this washing station due to the higher altitude, modern processing machinery and selective planting variety.

In the washing station, coffee shading was builded and apply to the natural coffee to extend the drying period, which means more time for the flavour development and avoid the uneven drying from the surface to the core. After the farmers picked the coffee cherry, these cherry will send to the washing station within couple of hours, depends on the region. Then, workers in the washing station will place the cherry on to the shaded drying bed, then sort out all the under graded (green, black, broken etc.) precisely to bring out clean cup and sweetness to the coffee.

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