Producer / José Pepe Jijón
Region / Intag Valley, Imbabura
Altitude / 1515m
Varieties / Sidra
Process /  Wave Mossto + Environment Control Room Natural Slow Dry
Harvest / May 2023 to Aug 2023
Note / Grape Juice, Plum, Green Mandarin
Weight / 150g
José “Pepe” Jijón’s relationship with the natural environment at @fincasoledadintag is as legendary as his passion for sustainably cultivating high-quality coffee in Ecuador. The Intag Valley, where Finca Soledad rests at 1500masl, is home to the Intag Cloud Forest Reserve and one of the highest degrees of biodiversity on earth. The beauty of the landscape and the delicate balance of the ecosystem motivate Pepe to grow, harvest, and process his coffee in a harmonious way with nature.

When we visited Pepe over the summer, we had the chance to collaborate on a special microlot using Mossto, juice pressed from fresh coffee cherries, to rehydrate the dried coffee cherries.

The temperature-controlled juice adds layers of grape candy and champagne flavors to the coffee without extensive fermentation. With Mossto, we can maximize the use of plant to add value without introducing foreign elements to the process.