Next Roasting Date_24/06/2019    Weight / 200g

Bolivia - Sol de Sol de la Mañana Natural Micr-Lot
Producer / Pedro Rodriguez & Rodriguez Family
Region / Caranavi
Altitude / 1400-1600m
Varieties / Yellow Caturra
Process / Natural
Harvest / Jul 2019 to Nov 2019
Note /  Red Grapes, Winey, Cinnamon

To promote the Sol de la Mañana program, our green bean partner requested a natural processed Micro-lot from Agricafe to exploring the spectrum of the Bolivian small producer's coffee. And the result is lovely and promising as expected. 

Story of Sol de la Mañana programThe Sol de la Mañana program is a social program started by Agricafe to educate Bolivian local producers by providing training and skills necessary to improve the quality of their farms. By using the knowledge Agricafe have acquired on their Buena Vista farms, they work with producers to start nurseries and educate them on how to properly look after their farms, prevent infections and harvest their berries. They now have 60 producers enrolled in the program and the aim is to have 100, representing roughly 200 hectares of pristine coffee farms.

The purpose of the program is to produce better quality coffee and provide farmers with fair prices that allow them to provide a better life to their families.

As part of the program Agricafe offer discounts on nutritional fertilizers and coffee seeds and have started offering a monetary reward system for cups above certain scores.