Farmer / Gregorio Paye Mamani
Region / Caranavi, La Paz
Altitude / 1500m
Varieties / Caturra
Process / Anaerobic Fermenation + Washed
Harvest / Aug 2021 to Nov 2021
Note / Pecan, Stonefruit, White Tea
Weight / 200g

Gregorio Pay's parents move from a province called Munecas to the Caranavi area when he was a child in search of a education for Gregorio, as there was no school in their town. 

Gregorio is a full-time coffee farmer, he doesn't have any other businesses. His farm has 12 heaters in total, 2 of which he currently grows coffee on. It's called Volcan del Tigre, which means Tiger's Volcano. The farm used to be overgrown, wild vegetation , and people used to say they saw smoke coming from one of the hills, and thought is was a volcano. Around the same time, people noticed what seemed to be a footpath running through the land. It turns out it was a tiger's path. To this day Gregorio doesn't keep animals on the farm, as they might become the tiger's next meal. Gregorio also participates in the Sol de la Mañana program. He says he's already learned a great deal about sowing and fighting coffee pests. He's had issues with rust, borer beetle. and mycelia citricolor, but thanks to the program has been able to get them all under control. His favourite part about growing coffee is looking after the nurseries.