Next Roasting Date_17/02/2021   Weight / 200g

Farmer / Pedro Rodriguez
Region / Samaipata, Santa Cruz
Altitude / 1540-1640m
Varieties / Java
Process / Coco Natural
Harvest / Aug 2020 to Nov 2020

Note /  Blueberry, Pomelo, Tropical Fruit

El Fuerte is one of the more recent farms Agricafe planted near Samaipata in Santa Cruz, where they've been experimenting with growing specialty coffee in a region not known for coffee production. The farm is named by a near by a World Heritage Site El Fuerte Aztec Ruins.

Due to its high altitude, a tropical microclimate characterised by high humidity and at times cool termperatures, and a distinct soil profile, El Fuerte is the ideal location for experimenting with different coffee varieties. Agricafe have planted over 50 varieties at the farm and hope to discover which are best suited to the land and this particular latitude and altitude. To separate the different varieties they have kept the original lemon and tangerine trees on the farm and sell the fruit to the local markets.

About Coco Natural

"Coco Natural" is a natural drying process invented by Pedro. Coffee cherries will dry on a African raised for a few days to a week after carefully selected by the pickers. After the cherries was dried to a certain moisture level, the cherries will move to the coco drying machine and dry up to 50 hrs until the cherries are fully dried.  By the help of the stable 40 degree hot-air from the dryer, this method helps to dried the cherry slowly and consistently.

Photo credit@agricafe