Shipping Date_17/06/2019    Weight / 150g

Producer / Pedro Rodriguez & Rodriguez Family
Farm / Finca Alasitas & Finca Floripondio 
Region / Caranavi
Varieties / Gesha
Process / Washed
Harvest / Jul 2019 to Nov 2019

 Note /  Jasmine, Lemonade, Earl Grey

It's the time for the delicious Bolivian Gesha! This time we have both washed & natural processed lot from two different farm owned by Agricafe & Rodriguez family, Finca Alasitas & Finca Floripondio. For this year, we found the cup quality of the Finca Alasitas Gesha was further improved, and very surprised by the clean cup and complexity of the Finca Floripondio Gesha from the Samaipata region, elegant like earl grey tea with lots of hints of tropical fruit, a PERFECT example of well processed natural Gesha.

Story behind the producer.

Agricafe is a Bolivia family business which founded by Pedro Rodriguez, in 1986 and managed together with his daughter Daniela and his son Pedro Pable. The mission of Agricafe is to do its part in reversing the declining production trend, while allowing coffee producers to have a fair price for their hard work. To do this, they managed their own farm as a model, and introduced two social program "The Buena Vista Project" and the "Sol de la Mañana Program", to assist and educate the local producer by providing training and necessary skill for a modern coffee farming and harvesting. The purpose of the program is to produce better quality coffee and provide farmers with fair prices that allow them to provide a better life to their families.

 Photo credit@agricafebolivia